EU regulation, Position papers, Studies and Scientific papers

Here you can find an overview of European Union regulations, European Stakeholders’ positions paper and scientific studies related to PTW safety and infrastructure. This is a non-exhaustive list of resources.

European Union regulations

Directive 2008/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on road infrastructure safety management

European Stakeholders’ positions papers 

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA), European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety, The Motorcyclists’ Point of View, 2009

European Union Road Federation (ERF), Road Infrastructure Safety of Powered Two-Wheelers, 2009

European Union Road Federation (ERF), European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020, ERF Position Paper, 2010

→ Other publications of the European Union Road Federation (ERF)

Events results

ERF Symposium on Future Road Infrastructure Challenges, 27 June 2014

ERF Information Session on Road Asset Management, 27 January 2015:

  • Mr Nicodème (ERF) presentation on Road Asset Management
  • Mr Corté (PIARC) presentation on RAM issues, needs and perspectives for Road Administrations
  • Mr Gerwens (Pro-Mobilität) presentation on Road Asset Management – Needs and Benefits for Europe and Member States (Example from Germany)
  • Mr Lefeuvre (Highways Term Maintenance Association) presentation Asset Management and Road
  • Maintenance Cost Optimisation – examples from the UK
  • Ms Meilink (Interprovinciaal Overleg) presentation on RAM- Implementation in the Dutch Provinces

European Motorcyclists’ Forum 2015, Session 3 on Road Environment – Safer roads PTWs, from design to maintenance, 2 February 2015:

  • Aline Delhaye (FEMA) presentation on RIDERSCAN outcomes
  • Eric Thiollier (FFMC) presentation on Improving road design and maintenance for PTWs, the CERTU approach
  • Discussion with participants, Memorandum, pp. 13-15

Studies and scientific papers

Grant et al., OTS Road Collision Research, Roadside objects struck by powered two wheelers, 2011

Hill, J., Brown, N., Understanding PTW risk components within an international road assessment programme, 6th International Motorcycle Conference 2006, pp. 29-40.

Husher, S., Vara, M., Motorcycle Dynamics and Roadway Irregularities, 8th International Motorcycle Conference 2010

PIARC, Human factors guidelines for safer road infrastructure, 2008

PIARC, Human factors in road design. Review of design standards in nine countries, 2012

US Single Motorcycle Crashes: An Investigation of Roadway and Roadside Hazards, 8th International Motorcycle Conference 2010, pp. 102-122

→ Reports and deliverables of European Project on infrastructure can be found on the page Overview of European research projects

→ National infrastructure guidelines on powered two-wheelers safety can be found on the page PTW infrastructure guidelines

 → Specific document on guardrails can be found on the associated website: MC-roadsidebarriers: Motorcyclist Protection Systems



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