Motorcyclist Protection System

For roadside barriers, motorcycle friendly guardrails and/or motorcyclist protection systems a dedicated website has been created:

It aims at serving road authorities in Europe as a database, providing an overview of available motorcycle protection systems (MPS). To allow for objectivity the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations calls all manufacturers of motorcycle protection systems to contribute and to enter all relevant information about their product(s) into this database.


On European roads, roadside barriers – guardrails, concrete walls and other types of barriers – represent a paradox in road safety. They are meant to restrain errant vehicles, avoid damage and injury to property and persons behind the barrier, and save the lives of drivers and passengers crashing into it; but are identified by motorcyclists as a danger. Hitting a road restraint system is a factor in 8-17 per cent of rider deaths. In collisions with crash barriers, riders are 15 times more likely to be killed than a car occupant.

Most road restraint systems do not offer any protection to motorcyclists falling off. Sliding or rolling onto the pavement, victims are likely to hit one or more posts, which have no energy absorption properties. As a result, collision with guardrail posts is a major cause for motorcyclist fatalities and serious limb and organ injury, not seldom leading to amputation. Lately the European Parliament has identified standard guardrails as “death traps” for motorcyclists.

A great variety of motorcycle protection systems is available in Europe. These products can be installed along the road or combined with existing road restraint systems and offer protection not only to car occupants but also to the users of two-wheelers.


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